About Us

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Luna & Sol Weddings was established in 2018 by Christopher Madrid-Mighell and Emerald Boes. They have been together for over five years and have worked alongside each other creating photo and video for four  of them. Together, they have been to 10 different countries. They enjoy watching horror movies & making art. 

Christopher is a videographer and painter.  You can usually find him eating pizza and listening to podcasts while editing. With his videography, he likes to create a documentary feel, showcasing cinematic moments. 

Emerald is a portrait photographer with ten years of experience. Her favorite food is avocados and she has an obsession with true crime. People often enjoy shooting with Emerald because of her clear vision and ability to direct the perfect shot.

Contact Us

Email: lunasolweddings@gmail.com

Phone: 260-341-8609

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